Abracadabra, Make your own water

It’s not quite as magical as making your own water but it’s pretty close. Our latest book “From Truth to Tools” explores how artisan geometry was the flame that ignited the ancient builders imagination. And no less miraculous, gave them the ability to create a tool set out of thin air. That square you have in your tool box may have come from a factory but it really came from simple artisan geometry. Here’s the best part. You can make your own water, I mean tools out of thin air.

Not only will you get a great set of layout tools uniquely suited to woodworking, but also gain a deeper understanding of artisan geometry. Jim Tolpin and I  have been working on a video series  “Building Tools from Truths” to walk you through the build process for making your own tool set. Our first offering covers tools for the layout of straight lines. Here’s a link if you are interested in learning more.

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  1. William Cox says:

    I have been trying to log in to your website and I either forgot my email or there is a problem. When I try to request my password or to change it, your website does not send me an email. Tried it many times. I was logging on in response to your Make Your Own Water email. Wanting/trying to sign up for the on line class. Thanks, please respond, Wally Cox wally-cox@comcast.net.

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