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Design or engineer?

My brother and I looked on as a gunsmith at Colonial Williamsburg expertly fit together a black walnut stock with a metal lock. Without raising an eye the artisan patiently answered our questions as though we were fresh off the … Continue reading

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Hand and Eye coming to a workbench near you

Here’s a link to an update on the progress of  “By Hand and Eye”

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Designer’s Alphabet, L is for…….

John Linnell, born 1729- died 1796. One of the most prolific  British furniture designers and cabinetmakers from the 18th century. He took over his father’s cabinet shop and designed and built furniture for some of the greatest homes in England. … Continue reading

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Designer’s Alphabet, K is for ……………

is for Klismos chair.  This form leaps right out of antiquity, yet because of it’s clean lines and flowing curves, it’s been reworked and re-adapted countless times. No physical chairs from antiquity survive, but we have numerous examples depicted on … Continue reading

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Try Something New

We both grinned at each other and asked – Why Not? Half the fun at a Lie-Nielsen hand tool event, are the informal jamb sessions between woodworkers. I walked Donna Hill through the steps to draw a volute with a compass … Continue reading

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Moxon vise ratrod

To be more precise, it’s on it’s way to becoming a ratrod. This vise will never look this good moving forward so I took this “before” shot. I just built a moxon vise with the hardware kit from the fine folks at … Continue reading

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Recycled Ideas

If you search “live edge table”, about eleventy million images pop up of contemporary or modern furniture with a natural or live edge. Leaving a bit of the tree just as it came from the wild was the signature of … Continue reading

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It’s a time to mourn. We seek answers, but they elude us. Mourning quiets the noise inside. Quiet enough to hear the hard questions.

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Designer’s Alphabet, G is for………..

Guilloche, (pronounced gil- LOSH) an ornamental carved band consisting of two or more ribbons or ropes flowing in interlaced curves. They show up in an infinite variety of patterns, many based on an intertwined knot. The examples here are from Swan’s … Continue reading

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Rally in the Heartland

We are smack in the middle of it. A rebirth of handwork fueled by a new breed of toolmakers turning out superbly crafted and functional tools. So a few of these toolmakers put their heads together and came up with an idea. Let’s rent a big … Continue reading

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