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Hand built woodshop

The current 2015 issue of Fine Woodworking’s “Tools and Shops” has an article about Jim Tolpin’s workshop. Here’s a link to a slide show where Jim explains how he designed the shop around the way he works. Dream Shop Jim and … Continue reading

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Keep your eye inspired

We are bombarded daily by thieves that rob us of creativity and dull the imagination. I could list a hundred goblins that steal but instead, I want to remind you that you can (and should) choose inspiration and wonder. Choose … Continue reading

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Must see side trip for WIA attendees

For all you happy woodworkers getting ready to attend WIA in Kansas City. Make sure you sneak in a visit to the Nelson-Atkins Museum . This Kansas City gem has a wonderful collection of fine art as well as a great … Continue reading

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Salvaging a Design Failure

  I know artists who save some of their early paintings as a reminder that in spite of their doubts, they are making progress. Others more ruthless, cast their failures into the fireplace where they can at least enjoy a … Continue reading

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Handy layout tip

Here’s a slick way to layout an octagon from a square blank without resorting to math or measurements. Just connect the corners with diagonals and then use a combination square or a small wooden gage block like this one, set … Continue reading

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Mastering Design, Is there a Shortcut?

  Yes, but it’s not what you might think. Design, like almost any other creative act involves some fundamentals. My wife Barb loves to paint. She’d humbly say she’s still paying her dues, but she’s put the time and effort … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Handworks 2015

  I can give a hearty Amen to all the positive things already written about the recent Handworks event in Amana Iowa. The fact that it exceeded the first gathering two years ago says something larger about hand tool woodworking. … Continue reading

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Might be your lucky day

On the fence about attending Handworks next week? Allow me to nudge you past the tipping point. Many of the exhibitors are contributing tools for prizes that are handed out throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. I’ve been busy this … Continue reading

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Square the circle and see clearly

Pre-industrial design books frequently employed squares, circles, and simple rectangles to convey the basic proportions in a design. Often these drawings show circles surrounded by squares and rectangles to help the reader quickly grasp the composition. A circle conveys that … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Barbie and I wish you and your families a blessed holiday.   George R. Walker

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