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Most amazing woodworking tool

I have a good friend whose has spent a lifetime collecting arrowheads. He’s got scores of display cases with wonderfully colored flint tools, and many more boxes of broken cutting tools, stone hammers, axes, and various tools for grinding corn. … Continue reading

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Sketch kit

Winter still grips tight, pressing on nerves stretched thin, and senses cooped up. The landscape might be snow covered but Barbie and I hop in the car to see if birds are on the move yet. A drive on Sunday … Continue reading

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Folding rules and proportions

A Treatise of Mathematical Instruments by John Robertson Last fall at the WIA (Woodworking in America) conference in Valley Forge I had the chance to talk to Don McConnell and Larry Williams from Clark and Williams. Don and I have … Continue reading

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Super marking knife

The focus of this blog is on designing furniture from a woodworking perspective. As a woodworker it means I’m always tempted to talk about tools. I’ll try to stay on point and keep it on design, but I may make … Continue reading

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