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A worthy project and great gift for the holiday

What might happen if we pulled together three tribes from the furniture world that don’t often travel in the same orbit, furniture builders, conservators, and the world of furniture scholarship? The result might be a unique blend of perspective and … Continue reading

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Design workbook coming in 2015!

  Jim Tolpin and I are in high cotton. Even before By Hand & Eye was finished we sensed there was still a critical missing piece. That missing piece was a bridge that linked the head knowledge of design with … Continue reading

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Hidden Treasure

The workshop sits down a tree lined gravel drive, barely visible from the road. Since 1973, thousands upon thousands of Windsors went from freshly harvested logs to exquisitely crafted chairs by one man in a modest workshop. You’ve never seen … Continue reading

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Off Road Woodworking

              Admit it. We all have those tools that we don’t use as much as we’d like because they’re a pain to sharpen. Mostly they fall in the category of what I call off road tools. They tend to have … Continue reading

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Jim Tolpin’s “The New Traditional Woodworker”

I don’t often read a woodworking book cover to cover. Usually it’s just one or two sections that interest me enough to add to my library. Tolpin’s new book “The New Traditional Woodworker” is an exception. Reading it felt like … Continue reading

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Design Sourcebook

I hear this question a lot. “What book could I recommend to dive deeper into design? “ My brain freezes at that point. Reason is, the path I’ve taken is filled with blind rabbit holes, quick sand, and endlessly verbose historical … Continue reading

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Design Resources….

Jeanette cuts my hair. She also passes out sage advice free of charge. One day I posed a question to her while she snipped away. “Does anyone actually come up with anything totally new with hair, since we have been … Continue reading

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