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Stuck and Unstuck

It happens at least once during every design workshop. A woodworker looks up with a grin and points to a drawing. It’s followed with a declaration that goes something like this,  “This drawing may not look like much to you, … Continue reading

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The English Woodworker Premium Videos

  I’m not too proud to admit that after thirty years of hand tool woodworking, there’s still much to learn. From the start, Richard McGuire’s blog and video clips at The English Woodworker struck me as the real deal. There … Continue reading

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Look Ma! No Ruler!

What happens when you get fifteen woodworkers together for a workshop and ask them to design and execute a build without a tape measure or ruler? No, I did not go around and make everyone cough up their sidearms before … Continue reading

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From Hand to Hound?

  Jim Tolpin and I are pleased that our latest project “By Hound & Eye” is available for pre-sale through Lost Art Press. Some might ask, “How did the title of your earlier book “By Hand & Eye” morph into “By Hound & Eye”? … Continue reading

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Mastering Design, Is there a Shortcut?

  Yes, but it’s not what you might think. Design, like almost any other creative act involves some fundamentals. My wife Barb loves to paint. She’d humbly say she’s still paying her dues, but she’s put the time and effort … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons To Take a Design Workshop

These “Top Ten Reasons” I gleaned from woodworkers who have taken my two day intensive design workshop. 1. Improved judgement – designs you like, you will know why you like them. 2. Improved judgement – designs that suck, you will know … Continue reading

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Awesome carved bowls

Last year I had the pleasure of spending time with Dave Fisher in his workshop. It’s a feeble attempt to try to explain his work with this photo. You only get  this one static look that doesn’t capture the sparkle … Continue reading

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