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A rose in the Woodshop

On this Veterans Day I’m re-posting this tribute to a woodworker and mentor, Bonner Hall. Bonner Hall stooped down and flicked a Japanese beetle off the barely open rose blossom. He paused to relish the fragrance and take in the … Continue reading

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Design and the search for Beauty

Our western tradition in building  has as it’s cornerstone the maxim that a design should embody Firmitas , Commoditas & Venustas – which roughly translates as sturdiness, function, and beauty. This is closely linked to another ancient western idea,  that to be human,  is … Continue reading

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Design Workshops Far and Near

Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Daniel J. Boorst   Game changer! That’s the comment I hear most often during a “By Hand & Eye” workshop. Lights click on, gears start to mesh, and frustration … Continue reading

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Visit the Design Graveyard…

With Halloween just around the bend I’m reminded of one of my favorite haunts (no pun intended) for thinking about design – old graveyards. The monuments in all shapes and sizes are like a lexicon of design, sort of a … Continue reading

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Training your eye for Design

“We need to be willing to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly.  Shakti Gawain If you are new to design, telling you to trust your eye sounds like some joke … Continue reading

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Get Your Studley on

There’s only one reason the Handworks 2015 event is going forward. This unique gathering of woodworking enthusiasts somehow caught lightning in a bottle last time around in 2013. That’s no small fete, as that first event seemingly broke all the … Continue reading

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Interview on The Highland Woodworker

Last Spring I had an interview with Charles Brock from The Highland Woodworker lined up, so  I took a cue from Ron Breese and deep cleaned the workshop. Ron mentioned that he touched every thing in the shop and I … Continue reading

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What do you do with design failures?

I’m a firm believer in re-visiting work after some time has passed. Be it writing or woodworking, a few years allows for a more disinterested judgment. If it holds up, you may be onto something. If not, there may be … Continue reading

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Tools that inspire

I’m a tool user – not a tool collector. However, I do have a soft spot for antique dividers and drawing tools. When some old buzzard moans,  ” They don’t make em like they used to”  it’s hard to find … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Design from a Letter Carver

It’s really special when an artisan can design something profound in a tight discipline. In a world where bling draws the spotlight, I’m always thankful for someone who can craft an extraordinary wine, shotgun, handplane, or chair. Here’s a short … Continue reading

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