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Top Ten Reasons To Take a Design Workshop

These “Top Ten Reasons” I gleaned from woodworkers who have taken my two day intensive design workshop. 1. Improved judgement – designs you like, you will know why you like them. 2. Improved judgement – designs that suck, you will know … Continue reading

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For all Practical Purposes

The design aspect of every craft has some theory, a bit of myth, and a sprinkling of mystery. But, there’s another category of knowledge,  things that work because – well.. they are just practical and intuitive. The best of all … Continue reading

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Shop Geometry that won’t make your eyes bleed

Recently Chris Schwarz lamented that that much of the historic literature on craft is stuffed with geometry but doesn’t explain how to set up a smoothing plane. And to make matters worse the geometry lessons quickly spin out of control … Continue reading

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Introducing Othie the shopdog

Jim Tolpin has an incredible woodshop and a shop dog named Othie.  Recently, Jim’s been working with Andrea Love to create a short animated clip of the work that the two of us have been exploring the past six years. … Continue reading

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Design Critique Feb 2015

It’s been a while since I posted work on this blog for a critique. For those of you new to this, I offer to post pictures of readers projects and invite any and all to offer constructive feedback. By constructive, … Continue reading

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Square the circle and see clearly

Pre-industrial design books frequently employed squares, circles, and simple rectangles to convey the basic proportions in a design. Often these drawings show circles surrounded by squares and rectangles to help the reader quickly grasp the composition. A circle conveys that … Continue reading

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Awesome carved bowls

Last year I had the pleasure of spending time with Dave Fisher in his workshop. It’s a feeble attempt to try to explain his work with this photo. You only get  this one static look that doesn’t capture the sparkle … Continue reading

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Design workbook coming in 2015!

  Jim Tolpin and I are in high cotton. Even before By Hand & Eye was finished we sensed there was still a critical missing piece. That missing piece was a bridge that linked the head knowledge of design with … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Barbie and I wish you and your families a blessed holiday.   George R. Walker

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What can you gain from a Design Workshop?

Design workshops are a horse of a different color. The focus isn’t on a single project, but instead on every project you build going forward. OK – if you must have a clear idea of a project before signing on, … Continue reading

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