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IMG_0297I’m excited to announce the launching of a new website,

Jim Tolpin and I have teamed up again to create an on-line resource for woodworkers to improve their design skills. The new website will be the home of an on-line design workshop series (slated for release in early May 2016) as well as plenty of practical layout and design related articles and video clips about design. We also have plans to use the site as a platform for gathering a woodworking design community and we look forward to rolling that out in coming months.

I’ll continue writing here on this blog, but I am delighted to be working closely with Jim again to create something long overdue. Go check it out at

George R. Walker

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  1. Greg Merritt says:

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    Very excited about this new resource…

  2. Who is Jim Tolpin? It’s hard to keep up with everyone lol. This sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy designing calling it my own but I equally if not a tad bit more enjoy recreating an existing piece and sometimes further refining it especially 18th century furniture and clocks oh how I love clocks. I keep wondering where in my ancestral roots this passion for clocks stems from. Unfortunately many of the antique clocks are not in “fashion” today and are just unsellable unless is the real deal. If I had a gallery of my own and an endless financial back up I would be building only 18th century designs and I’d take my sweet time about it.

  3. walkerg says:

    Jim Tolpin is my partner in crime. We’ve co-written two books together on furniture design. Here’s a short bio: Jim has been making a living at woodworking since 1970, mostly in the finish carpentry and custom cabinetmaking trades. In the last 15 years he’s been writing books on woodworking and design and, after helping found a woodworking school, teaching the trade.
    I can relate to your fondness for traditional furniture, especially clocks. A number of years ago I built a half dozen tall case clocks based on 18th century designs. That’s one of the things that got me started researching this design language. Just how did our ancestors have such an eye for design? That turned out to be a deep question.

  4. Looking good George! Will there be an area where we can post design critics or recommendations for new designs as well? I’m looking forward to this new adventure of yours.

  5. walkerg says:


    We have yet not worked out the details on some of those specific things like design critiques or open galleries where folks might trade ideas. Right now we are hard at work filming and editing the on-line content. I’m sure as we get feedback from furniture builders, it will be clear what will resonate. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears!


  6. blefty says:

    George, it was nice to meet you at the Lie-Nielsen event in Covington. Really enjoy your work!
    Brent in Tennessee

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