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Tolpin shop

The current 2015 issue of Fine Woodworking’s “Tools and Shops” has an article about Jim Tolpin’s workshop. Here’s a link to a slide show where Jim explains how he designed the shop around the way he works. Dream Shop

Jim and I met about six years ago and quickly realized we shared an interest in traditional design. Yet we both had a different take on the tradition. I was exploring the historical fixation with whole number proportions, while Jim wondered why the human form always seemed to be at the root of a good design. Actually, both these threads are part of the same fabric. Sort of like how pitch and rhythm combine to make music. Our study has gone far beyond just reading and debating, by making our own work a reflection of this design heritage. Sort of an exercise in experimental archaeology. This shop is just that. An experiment in applying the lessons of our tradition into something both beautiful and practical. Enjoy the tour.


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  1. erikhinkston says:

    perfection! What a great and comfortable sanctuary…

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