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Three on a hill by Barb Walker

Three on a hill by Barb Walker

We are bombarded daily by thieves that rob us of creativity and dull the imagination. I could list a hundred goblins that steal but instead, I want to remind you that you can (and should) choose inspiration and wonder. Choose ocean breezes that lift the imagination and broaden the realm of ideas. Fine art is for me is one such breeze, energizing the part of me that goes numb from the daily grind.

So I find it helpful to include some ritual in my day and sprinkled throughout my week. A friend of mine who’s mind was always teaming with ideas started each morning with a Camel non-filter and a cup of strong black coffee. We are all different and my rituals includes taking a few moments to drink from the world of fine art. Here’s a link to the late Robert Genn’s Painters Keys where his voice, and his daughter Sara’s voice offers encouragement for the creative soul. You can sign up for a weekly pep talk from a master on his island of creativity. I’m also lucky to be married to an artist, my wife Barb. We talk about someday building that forever home which features a large sunlit room with her painting studio on one end and my workshop on the other. Preferably on the coast of Maine. It’s such a delight to discover how her world of composition and color intersects with my world of proportions and design. Here’s a link to her website where you can see a few of her paintings.


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3 Responses to Keep your eye inspired

  1. Sylvain says:

    I once heard that the best light for a painting studio is a big North window to have a more or less constant light during the entire day. Curious about your wife’s opinion on this.

  2. walkerber says:

    Indeed. I have heard the same comment about a north facing window being best for a studio. Also, would let in the sweetest of breezes.

  3. Inspiration says:

    awesome very nice color and beautiful illustration.

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