Must see side trip for WIA attendees

The Young Sabot Maker by Henry Ossawa Turner(1859-1937). Nelson-Atkins Museum

The Young Sabot Maker by Henry Ossawa Turner. Nelson-Atkins Museum

For all you happy woodworkers getting ready to attend WIA in Kansas City. Make sure you sneak in a visit to the Nelson-Atkins Museum . This Kansas City gem has a wonderful collection of fine art as well as a great collection of furniture. Like many large metropolitan museums, it has a nice sampling of historic and contemporary American and European furniture works in it’s collection. But what really sets it apart is one of the best collections of traditional Chinese furniture in North America. You can get a close up look at some extraordinary examples of furniture forms that had a huge impact on the development of western designs in the 18th century. Plan on several hours minimum.

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  1. ctregan says:

    They have a revolving desk by Charles Rohlfs that is quite outstanding.

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