Top Ten Reasons To Take a Design Workshop


These “Top Ten Reasons” I gleaned from woodworkers who have taken my two day intensive design workshop.

1. Improved judgement – designs you like, you will know why you like them.

2. Improved judgement – designs that suck, you will know why they suck.

3. Improved judgement – designs that fall short of the mark, you will have an idea why and how they can be fixed.

4. Feel comfortable (excited even) designing with curves.

5. Learn multiple simple drawing methods and tips that will help you think through a design and yield results that delight you.

6. Become a better critic of your own work.

7. Learn enough structure to get from blank paper to finished project while still leaving plenty of space for creative surprises.

8. Learn to make small adjustments that can push an ok design into a splendid design.

9. Learn to read and deconstruct great furniture and architecture to deepen your understanding.

10. Find out you have ability that you didn’t realize was there.

I’ve added several additional weekend By Hand and Eye workshops to my schedule in 2015. Think about signing up and joining me for two days of challenging fun.

“NEW! July  11 – 12, 2015  Hudson Ohio,     R. Grell Fine Woodworking Workshops

August 8 – 9 Warren Maine, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

A few folks have asked about the Lie-Nielsen workshop. It’s listed as “build a spice rack design class”. We are building a small rack as a way to put the design principles into practice. If you want to build a rack for your chisels, whiskey flasks, or kazoos – that’s fine also. It’s more about the design skills than any specific project.

Oct 17 – 18, Franklin IN, Marc Adams 

“NEW! Nov 7 – 8, 2015  Hudson Ohio,     R. Grell Fine Woodworking Workshops


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6 Responses to Top Ten Reasons To Take a Design Workshop

  1. Will you be teaching in Nashville Tenn area later this year or early next year.
    I have enjoy your blog also the book from Lost Art Press.

    • walkerg says:

      Won’t be in the Nashville area this year. If you know of a woodworkers club or group that would be willing to host, we could talk about setting something up for 2016. Thanks for the interest!

  2. Tom says:

    Any workshops in the Washington DC area?

    • walkerg says:

      I had a workshop at the Woodworkers Club in Rockville Maryland last year. It was a great class and I had fun exploring some of the splendid architecture in DC. You might want to ask them if they would schedule another workshop in 2016.

  3. I sent my check in yesterday. See you in November!

  4. Kevin says:

    So true, I have been doing woodwork since i was 12 and i have to say its helped me almost every dad i don’t know who or what id bee if it wasn’t for that

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