Introducing Othie the shopdog

Jim Tolpin has an incredible woodshop and a shop dog named Othie.  Recently, Jim’s been working with Andrea Love to create a short animated clip of the work that the two of us have been exploring the past six years. Our book By Hand & Eye is the product of that journey into the world of traditional design. Take a look at Jim’s shop and his marvelous shop dog.



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8 Responses to Introducing Othie the shopdog

  1. Robert Demers says:

    Awesome video. Clear concepts well explained, brilliant

  2. Sydney Smith says:

    Well done!
    Short, clear, accessible. The animation is amazing.

  3. Clendaniel W Richard says:


    Check out the Andrea Love animation.

    Are you keeping warm?


  4. Tom says:

    Great Video. I like the way he applies the design concepts to a simple project. Which immediately clarifies there meaning.

  5. Loved the book. Love the Movie. Can’t wait for the musical.

  6. Carl says:

    Love everything about this:)

  7. Graham says:

    This is wonderful little movie. Charming, educational, and entertaining.

  8. Dave Fisher says:

    That should win an award in multiple categories. Love it.

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