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Jim Tolpin and I are in high cotton. Even before By Hand & Eye was finished we sensed there was still a critical missing piece. That missing piece was a bridge that linked the head knowledge of design with the everyday practical problems in the woodshop.  Our thoughts kept turning to a down and dirty shop guide meant to hang on a nail over your bench. I’m happy to report we are at it hammer and tongs writing a design workbook slated for release next year through Lost Art Press . It’s a self study guide peppered with drawing exercises to hone your inner eye as well as a boatload of practical layout strategies like a quick and elegant way to space narrow slats on a chair back, or how to draw a sweet curve that bristles with just the right amount of energy.

“With the most primitive means the artist creates something which the most ingenious and efficient technology will never be able to make.”

Kasimir Malevich (Early 20th century Russian artist and theoretician) 

This workbook is a natural outgrowth of our own journey as woodworkers but also a product of the many workshops we’ve held over the last few years. Essentially it’s a guided tour back to first principles. We start from a single point          .↶   literally, and progress through lines, planes, solids, and curves. Along the way we explore proportions and patterns found throughout nature and the entire built world with plenty of exercises so you become familiar with the concepts. Armed with just a pair of dividers, a straightedge, and a ball of string, you’ll be able build your own version of the Parthenon, a pie cabinet, or some really snazzy patio furniture.

George R. Walker

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  1. Can’t wait to see it, George! I’ll reserve a nail over my bench for it!

  2. rondennis303 says:

    Bravo! A true service to your audience.

  3. I’ll be looking forward to this!

  4. amosswogger says:

    I’m really looking forward to this.

  5. markdorman says:

    Cool, I’m going to share this bit of good news on the unplugged woodworkers page on Facebook.

  6. Will it cover the proper ratio for positioning the nail over the bench on which to hang it?

  7. ROBERT LINDH says:

    Sounds very interesting…Looking forward to its release..Do you have a date?

  8. Patrick M. says:

    Really looking forward to this book.

    May I put in a request to cover the other classic orders with exercises ( By Hand and Eye covered the Doric and I found myself wishing for the others) along with a print form of all those how-to drawing extras that Jim posted on the web. Thanks!

    And your wife’s painting in the previous post is beautiful.

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