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Nearly every guide to the building arts going back to the dawn of printing included a series of geometric layouts with a compass. A challenge to the decipher, these lessons were shoehorned together, and made worse with a flurry of confusing text buried twenty pages away.  Our book “By Hand & Eye” was written in hopes of extending our building tradition by making it relevant to the modern artisan. To that end, we put together digital animations of those classic compass layouts. You can access them through this link to Jim Tolpin’s YouTube channel . For those of you that bought our book and had difficulty accessing the layouts, we hope this offers a solution.

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7 Responses to Compass layouts on Youtube

  1. wyattsa says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book but was having trouble getting the layouts. This solved that problem. Thank you.

  2. Eric Felber says:

    This is an excellent rescource to double check that I understand the process that I read about correctly. Thanks.

  3. Tico Vogt says:

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Bruce says:

    While watching the Youtube demonstrations, I couldn’t help but wonder about the disparity of drafting the simple constructions using complicated “trial-and-error” created proportions. I suppose the solution to those is in the book.

    • walkerg says:

      Not sure I understand your thought about these geometric constructions and the simple proportions that go hand in hand with them. They are “trial and error” I suppose in the same way that musical notes are trial and error with a composer. I think of them as a powerful means to visualize space as well as for practical layouts during a build. The creative process is always trial and error.


  5. Jay B. says:

    Excellent addition to already perfect book. Have you thought about putting together an online course or a documentary from the series of workshops?

    • walkerg says:

      I’ll be out in Port Townsend in March to teach a design workshop. In addition Jim Tolpin and I will be spending some time discussing where do we go from here. Your suggestions are appreciated.


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