Top Ten Reasons

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Here are the Top Ten Reasons for signing up for the Foundations of Design workshop I’m teaching at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking the week of March 17th – 21st. 

10. You’ll learn proportions as a second language.

9. It will transform the way you see furniture. 

8. Port Townsend is a destination in itself, picturesque with great restaurants. 

7. Be inspired and jazz your passion for furniture building.

6. Learn the truth about mixing plaids and stripes – can it really work?

5. Going forward your furniture will be designated BFD (not what you think – Before Foundations of Design) and AFD (After Foundations of Design). 

4. You’ll walk away with the beginnings of a design portfolio you can build on.

3. Because Jim Tolpin makes great cookies.

2. Because design is rewarding, challenging, surprising, risky, and fun.

1. It’s January for Pete’s sake, treat yourself to something fun. 

George R. Walker

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7 Responses to Top Ten Reasons

  1. See you in March George. Looking forward to it!

  2. Jim Tolpin says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, its my wife that makes the cookies. You don’t want to eat what I bake generally.

  3. Sounds like fun but Port Townsend is not in the cards for a while. I’m waiting for something similar here in Ohio. I recieved the book for Christmas and love it so far. Thanks for producing it guys.


  4. Eric Potter says:

    Here’s a second for bringing Foundations of Design to Ohio. That would be awesome!

  5. Sean says:

    I’m looking forward to your class in Portland. Will you sign my book?

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