Designer’s Alphabet, W is for ……

Bluets, Photo by Geo Walker

Bluets, Photo by Geo Walker

durer wonder – as in a sense of wonder. Most children have it, but adults let it slip away like wind driven clouds. You may experience wonder peering through a microscope, yet it isn’t something you can pin down and dissect. Wonder lies at the heart of every creative work and gives us the great gift of living in the moment. Intoxicating like a drug yet without the ill affects, wonder draws us into our true inner core. Wonder sparks that adrenalin rush when creative ideas surge as though driven by a storm. It lurks unexpected waiting to surprise us. A walk in an abandoned orchard and the chance glimmer of an heirloom rose peeking out from the bramble; crisp peels of thunder not dampened by four walls; a line of poetry that tosses ice water on our slumbering thoughts.

Every once in a while folks write about the difference between art and craft, or try to define some boundary between them. That may be a fools errand in today’s world  but it is certain that some creative works lift themselves, defying gravity with some invisible inner force.  I know my own opinions might be pigeonholed as naive and dated, but to my mind the one thing that elevates a work is wonder. It may be found in the simplest of everyday craft objects like a wooden spoon carved from a crooked mountain laurel branch, or a painting that captures sunlight glowing through a breaking wave.

While you are making new years resolutions, resolve to nurture your sense of wonder. Feed it by giving space to the part of you that still is capable of awe and starve those soul killing distractions that threaten to swallow us.

How will you nurture your sense of wonder in 2014?

George R. Walker

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4 Responses to Designer’s Alphabet, W is for ……

  1. Mark Waranis says:

    You left out eloquent writing. That too can leave you with a sense of wonder. Nice wordsmithing. I think you nailed why a lot of us work at our craft, for just those moments. Thanks for this and Happy New Year!

  2. Rob Porcaro says:

    Well put, George, and so important to remember. Thanks.


  3. Tico Vogt says:

    I always enjoy your wonderful musings.

  4. walkerg says:

    Mark, Rob, Tico,
    Thanks for the kind words. Hope 2014 is filled with wonder for each of you.

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