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durer-latin-tansu, a name covering a wide range of traditional Japanese storage chests. Often associated with portable movable furniture, tansu chests developed into specialized forms for use on merchant ships, carrying swords, lock boxes for securing valuables, as well as storing clothing. In addition tansu chests were sometimes organized into a stair-step configuration to double as access to upper floors of a home. Tansu chests often use asymmetrical drawer and door layouts and bold decorative hardware. Here’s a link where you can see more examples of traditional Tansu chests.

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3 Responses to Designer’s Alphabet, T is for ……………

  1. Mark says:

    I love this style of furniture and would love to sell similar items through my online shop if anyone knows of a good source for this type of furniture please let me know.

  2. Has Chris Schwarz seen this? Looks almost like his campaign furniture!

    • walkerg says:

      Last weekend at WIA, I asked Chris about where traditional Tansu furniture fell in with his campaign furniture exploration. We had an interesting discussion about the furniture design ideas that flowed back and forth between east and west. The short answer is yes, campaign furniture has some roots that extend back to furniture from the east.

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