Designer’s Alphabet, R is for ………

Continuous wave pattern by James Gibbs.

Continuous wave pattern by James Gibbs meant for a picture frame moulding.

durer-latin-ris for Running Dog, also called a Vitruvian Scroll. A running dog is a continuous pattern like a wave or geometric layout usually adorning the flat surface of a frieze. Carved running dog patterns show up in endless variety on fireplace mantels, picture frames, architectural friezes, as well as furniture. If you have a picture of a stray running dog carving, send it to and I’ll add it to this post.      George R. Walker


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3 responses to “Designer’s Alphabet, R is for ………

  1. curt seeliger

    Do these running dogs differ from gadrooning or guilloche carvings — two terms I’ve seen applied to repeated patterns in carved mouldings and such. See Follansbee’s website for examples

    • Curt,
      Gadrooning would not fall in this category of a continuous flowing carving or ornament, but a guilloche carving and geometric designs like a Greek key pattern would.

  2. I do like the Vitruvian scroll pattern, especially when painted. Personally I tend to prefer geometric rather than waves.