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Designer’s Alphabet, S is for …………..

ector, also called by the French, the compass of  proportion. Sectors were the pre-industrial equivalent of a slide rule or a modern calculator. Prior the 19th century, geometry was the dominant means of resolving mathematical problems and the sector was … Continue reading

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Designer’s Alphabet, R is for ………

is for Running Dog, also called a Vitruvian Scroll. A running dog is a continuous pattern like a wave or geometric layout usually adorning the flat surface of a frieze. Carved running dog patterns show up in endless variety on … Continue reading

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Visit a great woodshop

Richard Grell’s woodshop lies at the end of a tree lined gravel lane. I dropped in the other day to see Richard in action teaching a child’s Chair class. Grell made his sole living for forty years making Windsors and … Continue reading

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