Designer’s Alphabet, P is for …………


durer-latin-perdix, also known as Talus or Calus. A Greek mythological figure, the nephew of Daedalus a skilled craftsman. Perdix apprenticed to Daedalus and under his tutelage was credited with the invention of the first saw fashioned from the backbone of a fish. He also attached two branches of metal together with a rivet on one end and sharp points on the business end to craft the first pair of dividers.

Daedalus burned with jealousy at his inventive nephew and pushed him off a towering cliff. Athena came to the young inventors rescue and turned him into a partridge before his body was dashed against the rocks below.

Grey Partridge (Perdix - perdix)

Grey Partridge (Perdix – perdix)

Which is why we will never know the secret behind the saw nib.

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  1. mark dorman says:

    Maybe the nib represents the chip on Daedalus’s shoulder.

    The new book has reopened my eyes to the usefulness of the divider.
    Thanks for that.

  2. I laughed at the saw nib line. 🙂

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