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Just a stones throw from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the new workshop of chairmaker Richard Grell. I stopped by over the the last year as the walls went up and and shared in the excitement. Richard’s been a full time windsor chair maker for over forty years and he’s finally building that shop he always dreamed about.  Two full stories with plenty of light and storage, and best of all an atmosphere that makes one feel like grabbing a drawknife and slicing into some freshly felled timber. It gets better.

Grell has another dream that’s about to unfold. This year he will begin offering classes in chairmaking and finishing. I can’t say enough about his technical prowess as a maker or his cheerful and enthusiastic approach to craft. Our woodworking community is about to get blessed and I’m excited to see this dream become a reality.

Here’s a link to his website for a peak at his new shop and schedule of upcoming workshops.    Richard Grell

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3 Responses to Dream Workshop

  1. So excited about this. I hope this is only the start and other classes/instructors ensue. George, do you know if this is part of the plan, or is the sole focus going to be on Windsor chairs and finishing?

  2. walkerg says:

    I share your excitement. These initial offerings reflect Richard’s area of expertice. We have discussed putting together some design workshops and I’m sure there is much more to come as this unfolds.


  3. George,
    Thank you for your kind words and sharing the news about classes… in my “Dream Workshop”. My fall schedule will be posted next week offering additional classes such as a one-day class, “Successful Steam Bending”. I’m really looking forward to adding you to the schedule featuring your expertise in furniture design. Good Design really does Matter!

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