Down the Rabbit Hole III

Shell carving in the white. Photo by author.

Shell carving in the white. Photo by author.

“Ornament is an act of love – or at least a token of esteem. We embellish what we revere. We adorn that which we love. We do not decorate the hero, returning from the wars, to make him pretty – we decorate him to pay him honor. Ornament is deep stuff, greatly misunderstood in recent years.”
— Alvin Holm

This quote above is from an article you can link to by Alvin Holm  (Ornament) .

Much of our rabbit hole material comes from the thoughts of architects and scientists. Here’s a few thoughts about ornament from an architect. I find it also applies to furniture. Hope this proves insightful and helps you to see in a deeper way. Feel free to share your thoughts.

George R. Walker

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  1. rfrancis says:

    The evolution of culture is synonymous with the removal of ornament from objects of daily use…Those objects without ornament, which mankind had created in earlier centuries, had been carelessly discarded and destroyed. We possess no carpenter’s benches of the Carolingian period; instead any rubbish which had even the smallest ornament was collected, cleaned and displayed in ostentatious palaces that were built for them. people walked about sadly among the display cabinets.
    Adolf Loos, Ornament and Crime, 1908

  2. jlsmith says:

    (following rfrancis down another rabbit hole)
    Loos was always willing to be rather reckless with his rhetoric (ie Ornament = Crime, etc.). As it is with most artists it is best to more or less ignore what they say and look at their work to truly understand what they are up to. It seems Loos wasn’t against ornament per se but the labor most historical ornament required (he thought mankind had better things to do). While his body of work is quite small one can see that Loos was quite comfortable using the ‘natural’ ornamentation of materials (see links below)

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