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Thumbs up on Handworks 2013!

Trust your gut. The folks that cooked up the 2013 Handworks event in Iowa didn’t check with an accountant, lawyer, or MBA. They trusted their gut and banked on the idea that hand tool woodworkers are motivated by the same … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole IV

In our newly released book “By Hand & Eye” we promised to post instructions build a sector. Jim put this together. Making a Sector Select clear, straight-grained, light-colored stock such as maple. Produce sticks from 4/4 stock, tapering from about … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole III

“Ornament is an act of love – or at least a token of esteem. We embellish what we revere. We adorn that which we love. We do not decorate the hero, returning from the wars, to make him pretty – … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit hole II

Proportioning Systems Outside the Western World (Your host of this particular rabbit hole is Jim) One question George and I often get is whether this whole scheme of designing to whole number ratios is limited to the classical (i.e. pre-industrial) … Continue reading

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