It’s a time to mourn.

We seek answers, but they elude us.

Mourning quiets the noise inside.

Quiet enough to hear the hard questions.

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5 Responses to Newtown

  1. rondennis303 says:

    There are no words to adequately express the depth of sorrow. Rather pray for peace and solice.

  2. kct3937 says:

    While I agree with your sentiment, I really wonder/doubt if anyone in the USA is really willing to listen to or act on the hard questions. Many don’t even know what the hard questions are and to them guns are a right; not a problem.
    I am a Canadian, who attended University in California in the 60’s. I am rapidly becoming one of the many who are appalled at the military complex in your country and the gun toting attitudes that appear to be untouchable subjects in the American conversation today. I don’t remember Charlton Heston for playing Moses rather for his comments as head of the NRA.

    I don’t exactly know what response this comment will bring, but I anticipate that it will be harsh if not vituperative and ready to blame me for outside interference in your affairs.
    As well as design, your readers should look up the word intransigence…because that is the word that describes the way the rest of the world sees the USA at this time; also see xenophobia.
    Thank you for your design posts as they remind me of my architecture courses back at university.

    • Adam Raisch says:

      Our four fathers, who possessed the intelligence to create such a great nation, the longest standing of it’s kind, saw the right to bear arms as the fifth most important right of all rights. It was only proceeded by life, liberty, the persuite of happiness, and the freedom of speech. I find it curious how one thinks that the abolition of such a right, which allows individuals the ability to protect loved ones and themselves against the selfish and sinful acts of those seeking to disregard the sanctity of human existance would, in any way, be an answer to such evil.

      Outlawing guns will not keep those bent on harming others from their goals any more than outlawing drugs keeps people from embibing. Lest we forget the lawlessness and mass murdering that prohibition led to in this country.

      The tough question that should be asked does not relate to gun control but, the human condition. All humanity is selfish. The extent to which that selfishness reveals itself has become more prominent because, as a society, we have abandoned the teaching of personal responsibility, we have forsaken discipline and accountability, and we are more worried about hurting people’s feelings or being insensitive than speaking the truth. That is what happens when we run from the logical idea of intelligent creation and drive God from our society.

  3. Guns are not the problem. You can commit an atrocity with any number of things – propane, fertilizer, vehicles, or readily available chemicals. Imposing stricter gun law or even outlawing guns will not fix the problem. The only thing that will accomplish is to remove the weapons from law abiding citizens.

  4. Carlos JD says:

    Not for nothing and maybe sounding a little paranoid but give this some thought; “If you wanted to take complete control of a population, country, group of people, whatever, what’s the first thing you would want to take away from them?” and “How would you get them to do it willingly?”

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