Designers Alphabet F is for ………..

Frieze is the middle band on this Doric classic order, Drawing by author.

rieze. On ancient post and lintel construction, the lintel is divided in three horizontal bands: architrave, frieze and cornice. The frieze is a wide facia, sometimes left plain and sometimes carved in low relief.

A frieze was often decorated with low relief carving

Since much of our furniture design is post and beam or in furniture parlance – post and rail, we see often see a similar arrangement in miniature.

This cabinet uses a subtle color shift in the frieze just below the cornice. (photo by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks)

Just like in architecture a frieze invites us to play with carving, inlay, or interesting texture or color. Any post and rail chair, table, or cabinet has the potential to incorporate a frieze just waiting for your creative expression.

If you have a nice example of a frieze, send me a picture at and I’ll add it to this post.

George R. Walker

Chris Bame contributed this photo of a frieze on a cabinet from an antique shop. Thanks Chris!

Jonathan P. Szczepanski sent a photo of a frieze (see below) he incorporated on an arts and crafts inspired bookcase. Nice to see this on a variety of different design approaches.

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  1. Beautiful work! Both your writing and Chris and Jonathan’s contributed photos! Keep them coming 🙂

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