I hardly leave the house without a camera. This was not always the case. For the longest time I took snapshots while on vacation, or to record family memories. Barb and I have boxes full of out of focus pictures of places I can’t recall. It’s different now since I learned to see. Now my “conceal and carry” little Nikon coolpix is starting to look a bit distressed with bits of masking tape holding parts in place and I’m slowly learning how to take advantage of an awesome Cannon 5D thanks to my brother who’s an amazing outdoor photographer( Walker photography.) But this isn’t about photos, this is about seeing. And the oddest thing about seeing is the way it came about – heeding the advice passed down from our craft tradition and exploring a series of classical standards with pencil and dividers. Now I take pictures because I see so much and I just can’t help myself. Even a walk in a fallow hayfield on a rainy morning turns up the unexpected. I push design because to the woodworker, it’s a marvelous passage into the richness of our craft. Yet every day I’m reminded that learning to see is a reward in itself.

George R. Walker

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3 Responses to Vision

  1. JimG33 says:

    George I can only concur, and we take the same kind of pictures. Architectural and carved detail, the random textures that are the result of nature’s vagaries, and bits of strangeness like that piano folding in on it self.
    Good luck with your new seeing tool.
    A little aside, you know how some say that seeing the world through a view finder is limiting. I was in the Village about two months ago shooting a church cornice. After I was done a passer-by thanked me, he would have missed the detail if he hadn’t looked at what I was seeing.

  2. Ron Dennis says:

    George – I think the digital compact camera in conjunction with voice memos on my cell phone have totally replaced the sketchbook I never left the house without.

  3. George – With the advent of a “decent” digital camera on my phone I snap away at all sorts of details and ideas. Of course one has to organize all these great ideas!

    A few weeks ago, my wife and I stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel (c.1925) and I snapped over 200 photos of the hotel furnishings, fixtures, construction details, etc. My wife was tired from traveling and went to bed after dinner, which allowed me to roam the halls for hours snapping away at anything interesting. I’m sure that I got noticed on several security cameras in the wee hours!

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