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Designers Alphabet F is for ………..

rieze. On ancient post and lintel construction, the lintel is divided in three horizontal bands: architrave, frieze and cornice. The frieze is a wide facia, sometimes left plain and sometimes carved in low relief. Since much of our furniture design … Continue reading

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Book review – Mouldings in Practice by Matt Bickford

Impressive. Eighteen months ago I stood in front of a table full of Matt Bickford’s moulding planes at a Lie-Nielsen tool event. He handed me an off cut from a moulding sample and asked if it looked familiar. I ran … Continue reading

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I hardly leave the house without a camera. This was not always the case. For the longest time I took snapshots while on vacation, or to record family memories. Barb and I have boxes full of out of focus pictures … Continue reading

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Designers Alphabet E is for ……….

is for Charles Eastlake (1836 -1906), a major figure in late 19th century design in Britain and America through his iconic book “Hints on Household Taste”. Eastlake took up the banner of William Morris who helped spawn the Arts and Craft movement. … Continue reading

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