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The hardest thing to see is what is in front of our eyes. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

I’m excited about a couple of design workshops coming up this October at the Port Townsend School of woodworking. Before I get into the details, let me ask a question. Who’s your toughest critic when it comes to your design ability? No- it’s not your brother- in law who always has a wise crack or points out that microscopic flaw. Deep down his opinion doesn’t carry anyway. Certainly not your mom, she can’t stop seeing the best in you.

Be honest, it’s you. You know when the work doesn’t honor the wood or the craft itself. Occasionally, you make a step forward keeping the flame alive with the thought that just maybe you might someday get good. And you also know that your own progress can seem so painfully slow, enough to dishearten you.  I have news for you. You won’t get good until you become an even tougher critic than you are now. Let me put it a different way. You won’t get better until you can see more clearly. As you develop the inner eye, your missteps become more glaring, but thankfully when you find a groove your eye becomes a tuning fork to help you seek out that perfect pitch.

That’s what these design classes are all about, helping you awaken that inner designers eye. I could go on and on about the beautiful campus in the Fort Worden state park where classes are held, or the salmon fresh from ocean to grill, or the chance to watch sea otters play along the beach. That’s just whipped cream with a cherry on top. But this is about an experience that will transform your approach to the craft and open vistas you once thought you’d never see.

We have two workshops planned. A five day class (Oct 22- 26th) titled Design basics, and a two day (Oct 27-28) called Design at the Point of a Tool. Both will wake up your designer’s eye. In the longer class you will have the luxury of working up several full scale mock ups, and send you home with some of your own designs ready to build, while the two day will equip you with a full bundle of new skills and ideas to apply in your own shop.

Sign up your toughest design critic and take a huge leap forward by joining me this October at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.

Design Basics

Design at the Point of a Tool

George R. Walker

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  1. Ray Schwanenberger says:

    George, I am in fact more critical of work than anyone else. I would love to attend one of these seminars. When might you being doing one in the Cincinnati area?

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