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Design Critique Aug 2012

Scott Keith shared some designs for a bench he is working up and asked for your feedback. For those of you new to the Design Matters Blog, this is an opportunity for builders and designers to get constructive feedback and … Continue reading

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Designer’s Alphabet…B is for Baluster

is for Baluster. A small column or post that supports a handrail. They come in a wide variety of forms and can be cylindrical or square in cross section. This form above, illustrated from James Gibbs “Rules for Drawing” is … Continue reading

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Design Book Update

Like a load of lumber dumped off the back of a truck bed, our manuscript for “By Hand and Eye” is off to Chris Schwarz at Lost Art Press. Hopefully Chris won’t need a hatchet, to make a book out … Continue reading

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Designer’s Alphabet

Starting this month I’ll be posting a little feature I call the Designer’s Alphabet. A collection of design related trivia with bits of architecture, tools, wood, designers, and obscure facts about furniture design you can wow your spouse with.   I … Continue reading

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Design Class

The hardest thing to see is what is in front of our eyes. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) I’m excited about a couple of design workshops coming up this October at the Port Townsend School of woodworking. Before I get into the … Continue reading

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