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Inspiring design read

  Our design history has evolved over time and is a product of the culture and traditions that brought it to life. For the most part, anything that has stood the test of time does possess that connection. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Exploring wood color

  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about mixing different colors and hues of wood in a furniture design. A couple of things are rolling around in my head. There’s a great book  The Furniture Masterworks of John and Thomas … Continue reading

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 I read an article recently about an interior designer in New York touting clarity as a key element in a design. Strip away the clutter, simplify, and create a sanctuary. This quest for clarity strikes a chord with many and … Continue reading

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Last Thursday we had an unseasonably warm and sunny day, so I hopped in the truck for a road trip. I made my way down to Charm Ohio, the headquarters of Keim Lumber. Nestled in rolling foothills in the heart … Continue reading

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I had the rare privilege of serving in a traditional apprenticeship to become a journeyman machinist over thirty years ago. The apprenticeship lasted four years with another two tacked on before you attained class A status. In reality we learned … Continue reading

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Design Critique 04/14/2010

A furniture design may begin with just a spark; a page torn from a magazine, a stack of flame birch lumber, or some fiddlehead ferns pushing through the pine duff. All it takes is the seed of an idea to … Continue reading

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Use proportions to punctuate

Which of the three scenarios should make your heart skip a beat while canoeing?  A. The river takes a sharp bend up ahead and you cannot see beyond the where the water turns a corner.  B. You spot rapids ahead … Continue reading

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Designer craftsman profile

I’m really excited about the opportunity with my “Design Matters” column in  Popular Woodworking Magazine to take you on some workshop tours of some outstanding designer craftsman. A couple of weeks ago I spent an afternoon in the Columbus Ohio … Continue reading

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Design Critique 04/07/2010

  I have to say I’m delighted at the response to our little experiment with a design critique last week. You exceeded my expectations with lively and interesting comment and helpful criticism. You encouraged me and sparked my imagination. Currently … Continue reading

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The pitfall of ISH

I was out walking Saturday when I came across a mighty oak tree that reminded me of a horse. Not because it looked like a horse but because it’s knarled and deformed trunk had a presence that made the earth holy … Continue reading

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