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Classic Orders, link to a design heritage

 Growing up, Beech Creek divided two very different worlds. On one side, a post war (WWII) housing allotment. Ramrod straight rows of identical boxes each with a driveway attached to the street like teeth on a zipper. The Holloway family … Continue reading

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How much time?

Wow that’s gorgeous! How much time did it take to build that? Do you get asked this? How many hours do you have wrapped up in your latest furniture project? I’m always skeptical about the pieces in the gallery section … Continue reading

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Tool storage in the workshop

Smitty was a cranky old journeyman machinist with more than a few quirks. A lot of guys who worked piecework could be particular about their tools. Smitty tilted over into obsessive, even a little paranoid. He mounted extra locks on … Continue reading

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Classic Orders to guide proportions

Last Friday a woodworking pal of mine stopped by my shop for a little instruction on sharpening plane irons. We went through the basics, how to flatten the back and put a fresh honed edge on the bevel. He was … Continue reading

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