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Limit the palette and make it memorable

One of the lessons I keep learning over and over again is limiting the palette. Artists often confine themselves to a small handful of colors for a painting and in some cases are able to achieve incredible results working with … Continue reading

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Sketch kit

Winter still grips tight, pressing on nerves stretched thin, and senses cooped up. The landscape might be snow covered but Barbie and I hop in the car to see if birds are on the move yet. A drive on Sunday … Continue reading

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A good beginning

 I used to work with a guy who’s nickname was the Wizard. He was one of those characters who had to top any story you came up with. Your car wreck was just a mere scratch compared to the giant pileup … Continue reading

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Tough Customer

 I’ve heard it said that the most demanding customers are the ones who have (or think they have) a higher level of knowledge about a product. The guy who’s driven by price is easy. You can either hit the price … Continue reading

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Treasures in the attic

Last summer while filming Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design: Moldings, our little crew from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks had a unique opportunity to explore the attic in a historic building. Curator Jay Robbins took us up to the fourth floor attic … Continue reading

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Sizing a crown on tall case clocks

 I didn’t list this in my earlier post on Murphy’s laws of woodworking but I’ve found this to be true. It’s nearly impossible to build just one tall case clock. You start out with the intention of building one for … Continue reading

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Nature winks

 I stopped at the end of my drive and caught something moving out of the corner of my eye. On the ground not twenty feet away a red tailed hawk flapped his wings as he struggled to get a better … Continue reading

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