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Golden Rectangle… a different viewpoint

Last Spring I gave a keynote address at the WIA (Woodworking in America) design conference in Chicago. I was a little worried about the audio visual setup and had nightmares about standing in front of two hundred people doing shadow … Continue reading

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Back in the pre-911 days I took a backpacking trip in Glacier Park with my brother and his wife. We spent four blissful days hiking from the west edge of the park up over Boulder Pass and came out at … Continue reading

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Linking simple shapes with proportions

I once read there are two ways to learn a foreign language, a “High Road” and a “Low Road”. The high road is a path that includes mastering grammar, diagramming sentences, and conjugating verbs. The low road involves learning the … Continue reading

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Proportioning systems

Ever since the first caveman or cavewoman drew the first saber tooth tiger on the wall, we have been exploring, discovering, and rediscovering proportions. I watched one of those “how to paint” artists on PBS recently. The instructor was working on … Continue reading

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Fitting small beads

Unless you have a strong stomach, you never want to get a group of bikers talking about bike wrecks or woodworkers talking about accidents with power tools. I have to admit, the older I get the more squeamish I am … Continue reading

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Separate molding shapes

It’s impressive how a major league outfielder can run full tilt to snag a fly ball without crashing into the home run fence. A big part of the feat is the fact that the outfield has that narrow strip, the … Continue reading

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Separation on drawer fronts

A few years ago in a weak moment I agreed to build a small chest for a friend who is an avid antique collector. It’s a copy of a piece in his collection, a small tiger maple dresser circa 1830 … Continue reading

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Wicked Ugly…….

Believe it or not I learned a lot about design from someone who loved all things ugly. Rudy had a soft spot for ugly dogs, ugly cars, ugly shotguns, and especially ugly buildings. We’d be cruising along in his marvelously … Continue reading

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For some time now I’ve been exploring the links from a design standpoint between architecture and furniture. When I first began this study it amazed me how often elements from architecture spilled over into furniture. Inlaid bellflowers that federal Cabinetmakers … Continue reading

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Visually separate….

 The first time I did any steam bending I tried to wing it. I was building a tall case clock out of curly maple. It had a bead that borders the gallery on the hood that outlines the arched door … Continue reading

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