Moldings DVD finally complete!

Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design, by George Walker

I’m really excited that today the final version of my second design DVD – Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design: Moldings   is finally complete and should be ready for holiday deliveries. This was another team effort with the great folks up at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren Maine. It was fun putting this together, and like my first video offers some insider views at some wonderful examples of architecture to bring the information to light. We even found and shot some fun things up in the attic of a 250-year-old courthouse on the Kennebec River. 

Photo courtesy Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

This information packed video will take the voodoo out of designing moldings and has something for just about anyone who builds furniture. For those of you who enjoy building period work, this video has many “aha” moments. It should connect the dots and fill in the gaps of what you may already know and be a great help. You’ll have renewed confidence to tackling design problems related to moldings and have a much greater appreciation for some of the masterful work you love to study. 

Molding detail courtesy Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

I’m also excited to see how this may inspire and empower designers who work on contemporary furniture. The DVD explores how moldings can emphasize a form and manipulate light and shadow in a design. It may just open up a whole new bundle of creative options for you. 

Moldings can be subtle yet powerful - Photo courtesy Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

 Finally, the information in this video can even help you make solid design decisions down at the lumberyard if you are installing moldings on a renovation or home improvement project. 

There are a couple of side effects you should be aware of before buying this DVD. It may result in neck pain from gawking up at public buildings to inspect the moldings. 

Wooster Ohio Courthouse

It may also result in an irresistible urge to finally buck up and get that set of hollows and rounds you’ve been dreaming about. Finally, it may result in a “creative itch flare up” that can only be soothed by more time at the workbench.    

Additional note: I just learned that Lie-Nielsen Toolworks will have this up on their website next Tuesday Dec 8th. You can also call and order a copy at (800.327.2520).

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  2. Dennis Heyza says:

    “It may result in neck pain from gawking up at public buildings to inspect the moldings,” indeed! My wife and I travelled to Rome, Florence, and Venice shortly after getting your first DVD and I found myself seeing the ancient buildings from a whole different perspective. When you get right down to it, Roman temples and highboys share common design methods.

    Placing my order for the new DVD today.

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