Furniture design classes for 2010

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Would you like to give your design skills and design confidence a boost? I’m pretty excited about putting together some furniture design classes next year in 2010. June 26th and 27th is slated for a weekend workshop at Marc Adams School of Woodworking, then a week long design course out on the west coast at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking August 23rd. Classes will focus on traditional design skills and learning time honored techniques that can be applied to any style you choose to work in. These skills are all aimed at training your eye by gaining a working knowledge of proportions, forms, and the classic orders. Both classes will be jamb packed with useful techniques that you can take away and immediately begin applying at your workbench. I’m especially excited about the week long course out in Port Townsend. This came about as a result of conversations I had with Jim Tolpin last spring at the WIA (Woodworking in America) design conference in Chicago. I was excited to sit in on Jim’s session where he discussed designing without numbers and instead designing around the human form using simple proportions i.e. the width or your hand or length of your foot. Likewise, Jim sat in on my presentation on the traditional approach using simple proportions and saw some connections with what he is doing. When we discussed setting this up Jim was very enthused about it and indicated he will take the class himself. That guarantees there will be lots of creative synapses firing. For the week long session out in Port Townsend we will go through the basics on this traditional approach with the added luxury of time to work on your own designs in a creative, open environment. If you’ve wanted to work up a design for a bedroom suite or entertainment center, this will be a great time to turn those chicken scratches on the back of a napkin into some solid ideas. Both these classes will change the way you look at furniture and fire your imagination. Come join the fun.

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3 Responses to Furniture design classes for 2010

  1. David Hite says:

    Will your Port Townsend course be appropriate for a beginner?

  2. walkerg says:


    I’d like to think that there will be something in it for almost anyone, but this is primarily a foundation course. So yes this is very much appropriate for a beginner.


  3. Teresa Jones says:

    This is really awesome George. I know the classes will be outstanding and I am going to watch the calendar like a hawk until Port Townsend opens registration.

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