Free layout tool at WIA


Stop by the SAPFM booth right by Mike Siemsen’s Hand tool Olympics and pick up this nifty sector. It’s perfect for resizing a molding profile to suit your next project. There is  a catch. You have to build it on the spot. I’ll be there to walk you through it and give you a lesson on scaling moldings up or down.

Look forward to seeing you this weekend.

George R. Walker

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5 responses to “Free layout tool at WIA

  1. George, What a great Idea. I will be by early Saturday to make my sector and to have you sign my copy of your book. Thanks

  2. looks like a small relief is needed at No. 1 and 2 for close measurements so as to be able to see the opposite line. How about a source for the small grommets that are acting as the hinge point.

    • It’s harder to explain than to show, but in actual use the No. 1 and 2 are seldom used. You are correct though, for small increments under 1/4″, it’s helpful to trim the inner edges up close to the lines. You can find small grommets at any craft store that carries scrap booking supplies. Perhaps I need to post something about using the tool to scale moldings?

  3. Made a 24″ sector and absolutely am fascinated with it’s practicality. Need to make a larger one and also a small one for details. The grommet as the hinge appears to simplify determining the apex point. And without hesitation more is better on all that the sector can do.